Occupy Apocalypse!

This video is too good not to post, from the pro-Beijing group “Silent Majority of Hong Kong.”  It warns of the apocalyptic catastrophe ( or really big traffic jam) that will befall Hong Kong if Occupy Central takes place.  Last month, the authorities in the HK police force assured us that Occupy Central will have little impact, since there is “plenty of room” in the jails for all the protesters.  It wouldn’t be very doublethinkful of me to wonder how traffic can be blocked by incarcerated people, so I won’t.  And you shouldn’t either.

That said, it’s interesting that Big Beijing seems to be encouraging potential protesters with the delusions of grandeur in the video while also provoking them with the much discussed white paper.  Occupy Wall Street would have loved to have been so economically/vehicularly disruptive in New York, or to have generated an official response before they even took to the streets.  Alas, in democracies, dissent is more easily marginalized and ignored than it is in liberal-autocratic Hong Kong.